北海道で考古学をまなぶ — 北海道大学考古学研究室

Studying archaeology in Hokkaido —
Laboratory of Archaeology, Hokkaido University (LOAHU)







Laboratory of Archaeology Hokkaido University (LOAHU) was established in 2019 based on Department of Archaeology in Laboratory of Northern Studies when the Graduate School of Letters Hokkaido University was reorganized into the Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences Hokkaido University.


Study of faculty members at LOAHU focuses on the Paleolithic, the Jomon/Neolithic, the Yayoi, the Epi-Jomon, the Satsumon and the Ainu cultures across the Japanese Islands, East Asia, Siberia and the North Pacific, meaning that this is one of the representative archaeological institutions in Japan focusing on various periods and areas. Also, it is the only archaeology laboratory of Japanese universities which provides education of zooarchaeology, paleoethnobotany, enthnoarchaeology, material culture studies and archaeological science such as radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analysis as well as advanced research on artifacts and archaeological features.


Learn archaeology and advance your research in this favorable situation! Because there is a support system for graduate students which mitigates time constraint and financial defrayment, we are welcome people who want to complete MA and PhD dissertations working for various institutions, museums, and companies.